I am a little behind on day 5 blog post as today has been a difficult day with me having to rely on the extreme pain control oromorph to settle me down. Today Endo took it’s toll on me, not so much the pain but the fatigue and nausea really made this day so difficult that I found it hard to smile through it all. When I got home I couldn’t settle, I couldn’t get comfortable at all, I felt so agitated and uncomfortable in my own skin, no matter what position I tried. Sadly I ended up in bed at 7pm with my hot water bottle which again wasn’t helping. I have never felt this way before with the agitation and to be honest this was really difficult that I screamed in anger. It’s now 3am and it has finally settled down but the pain is now creeping in, hence oromorph as my other pain meds have not worked.
All I can say is Endo the Pain for Me and all fellow Endosisters.

Which brings me nicely onto this year’s Endo the Pain video, please check it out and share the video to raise awareness:

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