Living with Endometriosis ~ My Personal Journey

Day 9 of Endometriosis Awareness Photo Challenge

#Day9 #endometriosis #photochallenge2015, social media networks and support with living with endometriosis @endohappy
Sorry a little late with Day9


#Day9 #endometriosis #photochallenge2015 @fitchickwithendo
Too Do, so many things that need to be done, so here are my top 2


Day 8 Endometriosis Photo Challenges

#Day8 #endometriosis #photochallenge2015  @endohappy
How does endometriosis effect me, where and how


#Day8 #endometriosis #photochallenge2015  @fitchickwithendo
This Guy Is My Rock, he has walked each step of this journey and never once wanted to walk away, even when I have given him the chances to go. Thank you will never be enough to show him how much him being there for me through the good and bad times #myrock #support #thankyou


Day 7 Endometriosis Photo Challenge

#Day7 #Endometriosis #photochallenge2015  @endohappy
The worst thing about #endometriosis, is not about the @pain, you can learn to survive the Pain, the #worst thing is letting those close to me down at the last moment.
This is the one thing I can’t learn to survive is disappointing those closet to me.


#Day7 #endometriosis #photochallenge2015
#Friends, no matter what #endometriosis throws at me these guys are always there to support me


Endometriosis Photo Challenges 2015

#Day6 #endometriosis #photochallenge2015 @endohappy
No. Of #surgeries 3 in total, 1st surgery was major surgery due the size and complications of the cyst in which I lost my left ovary due to damage. At the surgery I was diagnosed with Stage 4. In 2013 and 2014 two further laparoscopy to remove Endo and cysts


#Day6 #endometriosis #photochallenge2015 @fitchickwithendo – SELFIE TIME


Endometriosis Photo Challenge, Day 4&5

Day 4 #endometriosis #photochallenge2015 @endohappy
#Medication, my daily medications that support me to live a somewhat pain free life


Day 4 #endometriosis #photochallenge2015  #awareness @fitchickwithendo
Inside, the daily battle to keep going, to stay strong when #endometriosis is throwing everything at me to give up.


#Endometriosis #photochallenge2015 , #Day5 I wear #yellow for me to raise #awareness for #endometriosis @endohappy


#photochallenge2015 @fitchickwithendo #Day5 #endometriosisawarenessmonth
Dinner ~ Prawn Bolognese… yummy


Endometriosis Photo Challenge – Day 3

#Endometriosis #photochallenge2015  @fitchickwithendo
Day 3 – EVERYDAY I wake up , put on that smile to hide the true face of Endometriosis, hiding I am broken and out of order. Everyday I hold on to #hope, hold on for the pain to end


#Endometriosis #photochallenge2015  @endohappy
It took 24years to be diagnosed with #endometriosis. Over the years my periods got worse, the pain got more and more intense, lasting longer and longer. In 2010 GP and hospital visits were getting more frequent, every time I was eating I was being sick. It took an emergency visit to hospital and my partner demanding that action was taken as he had enough of the medical profession fobbing me off. In June 2011 I had emergency surgery after a week in hospital, I had a midline incision due a large cyst wrapped around my left ovary which had also entwined into my bowel. I lost my left ovary along with removal of Endometriosis. I was diagnosed with Stage4 endometriosis


Endometriosis Awareness 2015 Day 2


#Day2, #endometriosisawarenessmonth
#Happy. What makes me happy is the quality time spent with my partner and my furbaby, Sonny. These 2 are with me through thick and thin, and time with them both is precious to me. Having #endometriosis has made me so much stronger that no matter what I will alway #fightlikeagirl  @fitchickwithendo #photochallenge2015

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