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I can’t remember the last time I had a good night sleep, a night where I go to bed and sleep through till morning. My nights always consist of some form of disturbed sleep, disturbed from endo pain, night sweats, agitation, consistent urge to pee, to the other half snoring.

Over the last month it has got worse to the point having a full 2hrs sleep is a good night. Since 28/08/13 it has got worse due to my bladder and to constant need to go to the bathroom and pee, and when I say constant it’s constant, 4 times an hour each hour.


So what is going on. I have kept a chart for the last month to record my fluid intake and timings of when I go to pee and I knew it was bad but not this bad. 3weeks ago I saw my GP and showed him my recordings which he dismissed concluding it was my endometriosis. I had to argue my point for him to do something where he gave me a script for medication to control my bladder and to have my urine tested. I can safely say it is not an infection. A week later no change so I went back to a different GP, who was amazing, he listened to me, he read my chart and discussed what could be going on.


He gave me a different tablet and sleeping pills and we agreed to observe for the next 2weeks any changes. 1 week on sleeping tablets do not work and bladder problems still pretty much the same. So tomorrow back to see my GP and discuss what is next because I can no longer cope and manage on this little sleep. I am exhausted and ready to drop that I need my sleep yet I think I have actually forgotten what sleep feels like.


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