The silent disease, the disease that is hidden in the darkness, the disease that is hidden behind a smile, behind the ‘I am ok’, ‘I am fine’. The silent disease that is debilitating in so many ways, causing destruction in its path, like a tornado tearing at everything in its path. No known cause, no known cure, the consistant try this, try that, test this, just deal with it, it’s only a period.

So what is this evil lurking in the depths of 176 million women, causing agony and despair to some many women. Well let me tell you what it is it is called Endometriosis, that is ENDOMETRIOSIS.

Stop burying your head in the sand, this could effect your daughter’s or your daughter’s daughter, or thinking here she goes again on her soap box going on about Endometriosis. Well let me tell you I will go on about this until the day I die if it raises the profile of Endometriosis. I do not wish this disease to be hidden or silent anymore.