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#Day7 #Endometriosis #photochallenge2015  @endohappy
The worst thing about #endometriosis, is not about the @pain, you can learn to survive the Pain, the #worst thing is letting those close to me down at the last moment.
This is the one thing I can’t learn to survive is disappointing those closet to me.


#Day7 #endometriosis #photochallenge2015
#Friends, no matter what #endometriosis throws at me these guys are always there to support me


#Endometriosis #photochallenge2015  @fitchickwithendo
Day 3 – EVERYDAY I wake up , put on that smile to hide the true face of Endometriosis, hiding I am broken and out of order. Everyday I hold on to #hope, hold on for the pain to end


#Endometriosis #photochallenge2015  @endohappy
It took 24years to be diagnosed with #endometriosis. Over the years my periods got worse, the pain got more and more intense, lasting longer and longer. In 2010 GP and hospital visits were getting more frequent, every time I was eating I was being sick. It took an emergency visit to hospital and my partner demanding that action was taken as he had enough of the medical profession fobbing me off. In June 2011 I had emergency surgery after a week in hospital, I had a midline incision due a large cyst wrapped around my left ovary which had also entwined into my bowel. I lost my left ovary along with removal of Endometriosis. I was diagnosed with Stage4 endometriosis



#Day2, #endometriosisawarenessmonth
#Happy. What makes me happy is the quality time spent with my partner and my furbaby, Sonny. These 2 are with me through thick and thin, and time with them both is precious to me. Having #endometriosis has made me so much stronger that no matter what I will alway #fightlikeagirl  @fitchickwithendo #photochallenge2015


#Day2 #Endometriosis #photochallenge2015. I first started to show signs of Endometriosis at the early age of 11 years old. The pain was not as severe in the early days, during my monthly cycle it was painful but my God my periods were so heavy that I remember my mum buying me Bridget Jones style underwear with a plastic lining to support wear a extra extra large and think sanitary towel as I could not and still cannot use a tampon as its too painful. I can honestly say school during these moments were horrid that I would do anything to take time out of school. @endohappy #endometriosisawarenessmonth  #2015


Here is the 2nd photo challenge for endometriosis awareness month 2015. This challenge has been setup by #Endohappy on all social media sites. Day 1 is ‘Introductions’, so let me introduce myself, my name is Andrea and I am 39 years old. I live in Birmingham UK, born and bred in Newton Aycliffe, County Durham, UK. 

Its that time of the year it’s March and time to promote awareness about Endometriosis. Here is the first of 2 photo challenges on social media for Endometriosis.

This photo challenge has been organised by #fitchickwithendo on Instagram. Day 1 is Endometriosis, so here is my photo that represents endometriosis. I am that 1 in 10 women out of 176 million women worldwide living with this silent, invisible disease.


I can’t remember the last time I had a good night sleep, a night where I go to bed and sleep through till morning. My nights always consist of some form of disturbed sleep, disturbed from endo pain, night sweats, agitation, consistent urge to pee, to the other half snoring.

Over the last month it has got worse to the point having a full 2hrs sleep is a good night. Since 28/08/13 it has got worse due to my bladder and to constant need to go to the bathroom and pee, and when I say constant it’s constant, 4 times an hour each hour.


So what is going on. I have kept a chart for the last month to record my fluid intake and timings of when I go to pee and I knew it was bad but not this bad. 3weeks ago I saw my GP and showed him my recordings which he dismissed concluding it was my endometriosis. I had to argue my point for him to do something where he gave me a script for medication to control my bladder and to have my urine tested. I can safely say it is not an infection. A week later no change so I went back to a different GP, who was amazing, he listened to me, he read my chart and discussed what could be going on.


He gave me a different tablet and sleeping pills and we agreed to observe for the next 2weeks any changes. 1 week on sleeping tablets do not work and bladder problems still pretty much the same. So tomorrow back to see my GP and discuss what is next because I can no longer cope and manage on this little sleep. I am exhausted and ready to drop that I need my sleep yet I think I have actually forgotten what sleep feels like.


Wake Up and Live

Everynight when I head up to bed I reflect on how my day has been and celebrate that I have made it through another day. One thing that keeps me strong is my determination never to give up, never give in and I won’t. There are days where I struggle with the pain and the exhaustion but no matter how slow I am I will not give and will Wake Up & Live.

smile 1


Day 2 of Endometriosis Awareness Month Endometriosis is an invisible illness, I may not look ill but turn me inside out that will show a different story. Do not judge what you can’t see or feel

Keeping It Real

Being strong is difficult when you feel your world is spiralling out of control but remember, it is okay to cry, it is okay to ask for help as we all human and share the same emotions and feeling. Time is a healer and in time it will make sense.

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