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#Endometriosis #photochallenge2015  @fitchickwithendo
Day 3 – EVERYDAY I wake up , put on that smile to hide the true face of Endometriosis, hiding I am broken and out of order. Everyday I hold on to #hope, hold on for the pain to end


#Endometriosis #photochallenge2015  @endohappy
It took 24years to be diagnosed with #endometriosis. Over the years my periods got worse, the pain got more and more intense, lasting longer and longer. In 2010 GP and hospital visits were getting more frequent, every time I was eating I was being sick. It took an emergency visit to hospital and my partner demanding that action was taken as he had enough of the medical profession fobbing me off. In June 2011 I had emergency surgery after a week in hospital, I had a midline incision due a large cyst wrapped around my left ovary which had also entwined into my bowel. I lost my left ovary along with removal of Endometriosis. I was diagnosed with Stage4 endometriosis



#Day2, #endometriosisawarenessmonth
#Happy. What makes me happy is the quality time spent with my partner and my furbaby, Sonny. These 2 are with me through thick and thin, and time with them both is precious to me. Having #endometriosis has made me so much stronger that no matter what I will alway #fightlikeagirl  @fitchickwithendo #photochallenge2015


#Day2 #Endometriosis #photochallenge2015. I first started to show signs of Endometriosis at the early age of 11 years old. The pain was not as severe in the early days, during my monthly cycle it was painful but my God my periods were so heavy that I remember my mum buying me Bridget Jones style underwear with a plastic lining to support wear a extra extra large and think sanitary towel as I could not and still cannot use a tampon as its too painful. I can honestly say school during these moments were horrid that I would do anything to take time out of school. @endohappy #endometriosisawarenessmonth  #2015


Here is the 2nd photo challenge for endometriosis awareness month 2015. This challenge has been setup by #Endohappy on all social media sites. Day 1 is ‘Introductions’, so let me introduce myself, my name is Andrea and I am 39 years old. I live in Birmingham UK, born and bred in Newton Aycliffe, County Durham, UK. 

Letter to Family, Friends & Work Colleagues

I am writing to you to introduce you to someone, someone who has invited itself into my life uninvited, however as it is not going to be leaving me soon I think it is only fair that I introduce you formally.

Its name is Endometriosis and it is invisible to the human eye. I know you can’t see it but Endometriosis is an invisible chronic illness even I can’t see it but I know it is there every single day because I can feel it. I don’t like the fact that it has attached itself to me especially as I never invited it into my life. However it is what it is, it is real and it is here to stay in which I will make the best I can out of a bad situation.

I have been living with it officially for 32 months however this it has been with me since my early teens, just biding its time growing slowly over the years. It has now changed my life where there are things that I may no longer be able to do because of it. All I ask from you all is not to be disappointed in me, I want to do these things, be able to live the way I used to, not being able to do what I used to do frustrates me.

Because of chronic illness I have learned to value the important things in life:

Time with my family

Time with my friends

Time with partner

Time with my work colleagues

When I have good days we make the most of these days and spend quality time together, these are the days that remind us of what life used to be like.

The reason I am introducing you to chronic illness today is because I don’t want any misunderstandings between us or your pity I just want your understanding that I will have both good days and bad days, and at times it will feel that bad days over rule the good days. To my amazing partner, Neil, I love and value our relationship and I know you are there for me through thick and thin. When I have my bad days you take what I throw at you and still sit beside me to get me through it when many would walk away. You are my rock, my strength and the most amazing man I have ever met.

I love and value my family, (mum, dad, big sis and my 2 nieces), our relationships have become stronger because of it, I know that even though we are miles apart when I am struggling and having a difficult time your love and strengths makes me fight harder. You all make me smile with you uniqueness and I am so lucky to have you all in my life.

I value my friendships, (Ben and Caleb) through this period of my life I know which friends I can count on who truly support me through both the good and the bad times, who do not judge me or get upset when I have to cancel at short notice, and for this I thank you for this. You both make me smile, pick me up off the floor and support me no matter what, you both play an vital role in my life and without you in my life there would be a great void.

I value my work colleagues (you all know who you are) who each day give me the strength to fight each day, to give my all at work and support me with no questions ask through the difficult days, in which thank you does not seem enough to repay you for your support. No matter how I am feeling each and every one of you at any one time can make me smile and pick me up of the floor during the difficult days without you knowing.

Thank you all for taking the time to read this and for being there for me.



Image My name is Andrea and I am that 1 in 10 that has endometriosis, I am 1 of 176 million women worldwide who has endometriosis. So here is my challenge to you ‘Start a conversation with me and I will raise awareness of endometriosis’. You may be fed up or sick of seeing my posts about endometriosis, how I am feeling and the impact it has on me, if this is the case then please feel free to delete me as I will not stop until I have played my part in raising the profile of endometriosis.

If I was to say I have you heard of diabetes????? The answer would be Yes, but  if I asked you have you heard of Endometriosis the majority would say No. Yet 1 in 10 people suffer with Diabetes the same as 1 in 10 women suffer with Endometriosis. This is probably that talking about periods is still a taboo subject, its still a subject that anyone is uncomfortable to talk about. Yet it is 2014 so lets break the chains and start to talk periods. Endometriosis UK is promoting this as part of Endometriosis Awareness 2014. So as I have said I challenge you to start a conversation with my or a fellow endosister about Living with Endometriosis.Image




Well after a couple of mpnths my article was finally published in the Sunday Mercury – Birmingham. so pleased with the way it has turned out and to have endometriosis pubically out there.

Please click on the link below to read my full article 🙂

As it is the final day of endometriosis awareness month I wanted to share something more personal in relation to how Endometriosis affects me. I have been debating this month on how much to share as I do not want anyone’s sympathy I just want awareness of this disease to be out there so others recognise signs and are diagnosed earlier.

  1. Every day I suffer with various pains predominantly in my pelvic area and back.  
  2. The pain I experience is as follows: stabbing pains, constant dull ache, nipping, twisting and stretching my insides, constant stich in my sides, feeling as someone is punching at my organs and burning sensations as if my insides are about to explode.
  3. It takes 2hrs every morning to get my pain under control to be able to move and start my day.
  4. I suffer with nausea and vomiting which regularly hits me so bad I have to rest.
  5. I have a constant urge to wee and most of the time using the bathroom is painful
  6. I am constantly tired and suffer with chronic fatigue. I have to plan my days to ensure I have enough energy to complete what I need to do.
  7. During the week I have to reserve enough energy to give my all at work
  8. I currently take co-codamol, ibuprofen and oromorph to control my pain to help me through the day
  9. I suffer with disturbed sleep due to endometriosis on my bladder which makes me constantly go to the toilet and I can get up at most 10 – 15 times a night.
  10. I cannot have a period as this makes me so ill I end up in hospital
  11. My fertility is severely affected as the chance of having my own child naturally is 5%, with IVF this increases to 30%.
  12. I have 3 endometriomas (cysts) inside me on my womb, right ovary and left pelvic wall, which are between 6cm to 9 cm in size. I have adhesions all over my pelvic wall, uterus, right ovary, bowel, & bladder with my uterus, bowel and bladder stuck together.
  13. I am due surgery in July 2013 to remove the cyst on my right ovary and clear up around that area to prepare and try IVF.
  14. My next surgery after IVF will be major surgery to remove all my endometriosis again which will entail a bowel resection which carries its own risks.

Finally I just want to say this is an overview of how Endometriosis affects me, this affects 175million worldwide which their experiences are different to mine. It is not normal and it is not bad period pains and finally a hysterectomy is not a cure.


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