I am a little behind in my blogging for Endometriosis Awareness Month, where my aim was to blog each day about living with Endometriosis and its impact on living with a silent disease. So today I am going to catch up by writing 2 days into 1.

Its very easy to get wrapped up within myself living with endometriosis, as each day is different as no 1 day is the same. However today I want to talk about the other person who plays the most critical part in my life that without him this journey would be so much more difficult. I truly have not met such a remarkable person in my life like Neil.


Neil and I have been together for 41/2 years and it has been a rollercoster of a journey as it was 2yrs into our relationship that I was finally diagnosed with endometriosis, and it is Neil I have to thank for this, his determination and strength to stand up against the hospital doctors to demand that they do something and refuse them to send me home. For this I could never thank him enough.

Everyday he is my rock, he gives me the strength and support to keep fighting even in my dark days with his compassion and what he calls wit and manly charms. Everyday he does all that he can to make my day easier and always does everything to keep me smiling.

Neil is everything anyone could ask for, nothing is much trouble for him and I have never once heard him moan or whinge that our life together has changed so much. He is so supportive and nothing is too much trouble for him, a prime example is this week, he had just finished his night at work on Thursday, came home got changed and headed off to London for Million Women March for Endometriosis and never once moaned or groaned how tired he was, even though I could see he was exhausted.

Through our journey he has never once shied away from what we go through, he is always positive, trying to keep me positive even when I am close to giving in. My one worry is that because he will do anything for everyone and everybody that he will be taken advantage of which is why I try so hard to do what I can for myself and ask for help when I really am struggling.

Neil, you are an amazing person, you do so much for me, much more than you should and for this I want to say a big thank you but also to share with everyone how great you are, I love you with all my heart and always will.