So here we go again instead of nipping it in the butt and investigating 2 months ago, I have now ended up in hospital which in my mind could of been avoided.
Let me paint you the scene, 2 months ago endometriosis pain was back, after several GP visits I was referred back to my gynecologist. In the meantime my pain meds reviewed with PRN oromorph. 2 A&E visits due to excruciating pain in my left side and back where I was patched up with pain meds and sent home.
In March I had my gynecologist appointment to be told it could be IBS. IBS for heaven’s sake here we go again. Sent home with more meds and a review in 4 months, if there is no change then he will refer me to the pain clinic.
So 2 months on the pain is worse especially the last 2 weeks where I have had very little sleep, meds not working and pretty much at my wits end. On the 2nd May I end up back in A&E where I spend 5 hrs to be referred to the acute gynecology team who will call me on Tuesday as its the bank holiday, until then try another med and wait for the call. The call came and earliest I could be seen was another week away so I took it. The last week has been the worst week, very little sleep, pain has been immense with daily vomiting.
Today I attended my acute gynecology appointment, in 30 minutes I was admitted to the ward to investigate the pain, get it under control and to treat dehydration and vomiting. Whilst I am happy that finally they are going to scan and see what is going on, the last 2 months have been hell and a scan should have been done back then where it could of been sorted earlier.