Endometriosis impacts significantly on women and their life in such a negative way, from the pain it causes and the additional issues such as fertility issues and fatigue to name very few. During flare ups and difficult days it is easy to be negative about Endometriosis and rightly so, with the battle we have to supported and taken seriously.

During these times it does feel like a black cloud hanging over our heads.

However they is that famous quote that every black cloud has a silver lining

So here is my silver lining to having endometriosis:

1. Finally I have a diagnosis to what I have been living with and experiencing for 28years.

2. What I was experiencing each month is not in my head, it is real and I have the scars to prove it.

3. I am not weak, my periods are just not bad periods.

4. Endometriosis has made me much stronger and a fighter than I have ever been.

5. Endometriosis has clearly identified the most significant people who are part of my life through the good and bad times.

6. Since diagnosis in 2011, I have revaluated my life for the better and know what is important to me.

7. I appreciate the good days where I can spend quality time with my partner where we make the most of having a pain free day.

8. No matter what hurdle endometriosis throws at me I know I will overcome it in time.

9. When endometriosis knocks me down I always get back up and kick endo’s ass even harder.

10. Endometriosis has opened up my world and connected me to so many amazing women across the world with this disease.

No matter what endometriosis throws at me I will always find a positive each day as Endometriosis will not beat ME!!!!