Yesterday I felt I had hit an all time low, feeling alone and sinking into depths of depression (under the medical model). Yes I probably would be deemed as depressed by Doctor’s and I will agree I probably do have depression, I do have my down days. My down days/periods are when no matter what I do I am exhausted, in significant pain that even to move hurts and to top it off I am vomiting, and to top it off can hardly sleep because I am in pain or suffering with hot flushes.


Recently I actually feel lonely every single day but I am ashamed to admit it to those people that love me. Why because I don’t want those who love me to worry more than they already do, its bad enough that they know when I am hurting or having a bad day for them to know how lonely I feel.

However today has been a different day, at 3am this morning when I woke in discomfort I thought it was going to be another similar day, taking 7 – 8 hours to get the pain under control. No not this time I took some meds at 3am, re did my hot water bottle and settled back into bed it took about an hour for the pain to settle. At 7am I woke up a little sluggish but feeling like my old self, and had no pain. I felt like I had a spring in my step as I headed to work. Today has been a good day, I have had minimal pain and energy to deal with what work threw at me. So it is true what they say, tomorrow is always another day, a brand new day, a brand new day.