It had been a while since I have blogged, but to be honest I am at a standstill. I am surviving each day, getting through the basic tasks that I have to do which is a struggle in itself. I am tired both physically and mentally, I am drained, very little energy to cope, but I do as coping is the only option. My mind, my thoughts are all over the place with everything, with my main focus on my pending surgery. I have agreed a planned approach with my surgeon on what surgery I am having yet I am nervous as it may all go wrong and my endo is much worse when he gets in there, which is why I feel my concentration is lacking, hence brain fog.
The reason for the lack of blogging as I don’t want to be negative and sound like I am complaining all the time and to be honest I have struggled to blog about anything when my life has just been blah for the time being. So fingers crossed after surgery things may change. Here’s hoping 🙂