Here is a dairy note of my day with Endometriois.

5.30am I wake up with sharp stabbing pains in the left side of my pelvis and cramp in my back, it’s too early to take any pain medication so I run a hot bath just to give me some ease. I have a soak for about 30minutes until the heat is no longer working so I head downstairs to take my 1st set of medication, co-codamol & iburprofen. I sit downstairs for 20mintues waiting for my medication to work, to help me get some ease to start getting ready for work. Finally about 7am the pain starts to ease and I am able to walk and move freely rather than shuffling and bent over to start getting ready for work. Yes its Good Friday and I am off to work for a few hours to sort out the office. It takes me a couple of hours to get ready with having to rest in between each step but finally I have taken all my meds and ready to go to work.

So here is my day:
I go to work for a few hours and rearrange and sort out the office.
I leave work and go bowling with the other half, we have one game and I actually whip his ass.
Next we walk up to the pub to have a quiet drink where I have 1/2 a pint of ale.
We then walk over to Las Iguanas for a late lunch.
After lunch we head home where I take another set of pain meds and rest with my hot water bottle. We settle down to watch a movie where I start to feel drained and tired so I have a quick 10minutes.
About 7.30pm we have dinner, homemade fish and chips which was lush, yet 10minutes later my dinner is in the toilet and my insides feel like someone is twisting and pulling at my organs.
I try to work through but unfortunately it gets too much and by 9pm I have to give in and go to bed.
I struggle to sleep as I am unable to keep any pain medication down, I reheat my hot water bottle 3 times within 4hrs as this is helping me too settle. At 2am I finally manage to keep down my morphine and get a few hrs sleep.

This is just an average day of what I deal with in relation to endometriosis.
I do not want your sympathy however I do want you understand how much my life has changed and how it has changed me.