What is a Spoonie???

A spoonie is someone who has a chronic illness. The theory behind this helps to describe the choices people have whilst living with an illness.

Imagine your daily routine?

What does this look like?

What do you do each day?

Do you have to think what impact this will have on you the decisions you make each day?

No this is because it is normal for people to have an unlimited amount of spoons and do not have to worry about how many they use each day.

Each activity you do represents a spoon (energy), every time you do something you use a spoon but there is no need to worry as remember you have an unlimited amount of spoons, so as soon as you use one it is replaced.

An average person wakes up, gets out of bed, gets washed and dressed, has breakfast goes to work, works, comes home, goes to the gym, makes dinner, spends time with the kids, walks the dog, prepares for the next day at work and goes to bed, on average uses 10+ spoons. 

Now Stop and Think

You no longer have an unlimited amount of spoons, you now have 7 spoons for the day, and you have to plan how you will you use these spoons as if you run out before the day is done, it is game over as you have no spoons in reserve to get you through the day.

Think, how would you plan your day, what would be the things that would take priority to ensure you had enough spoons to get through the day.

This is the journey someone living with a chronic illness faces each day.

Try it one day, count each task you do from opening your eyes in the morning to closing your eyes at the end of the day. How many spoons have you used?

The next day you only have half the amount of spoons, no more no less but have the same tasks to complete, how will you manage your day?

Not as easy as you think.