1. In June 2011 I was diagnosed with Stage 4 Endometriosis, however I have had symptoms of endometriosis since I was 14years old

2. I was diagnosed through emergency surgery where they removed a 9cm endometriosis cyst and my left ovary

3. Within 2 years of diagnosis I have had 2 further surgery, along with several treatments to slow down the growth of endometriosis which alas none has done what it says on the label.

4. Endometriosis is a hidden disease and I live with this every single day. I smile through the pain and raise above the challenges it poses me each and every day.

5. Every day I have suffer with Chronic pelvic pain, back pain, nausea and chronic fatigue, add to this the constant effects of bowel endometriosis

6. I have had to make changes to my life, Learning to live with Endometriosis, which has seen many faces walk away

7. Every morning my body feels like it has been in a fight, taking me 2 hours to get my pain under control to start my day

8. My best friend is my hot water bottle, I couldn’t live without it

9. Every night my body is ready to give in, yet when I go to bed I struggle to sleep due to Insomnia, endo pain and night sweats

10. Every day I take, naproxen, paracetamol, tramadol, oromorph, metoclopramide, laxido and buscopan

11. My illness is invisible but at times frustrates me as people are unable to see there is anything wrong, but I prefer this to be invisible so my support network do not see the real hurt

12. I know everything about my condition as it affects me, it doesn’t mean I am an expert or that I have come to terms with it, I have just done my research to understand my illness

13. The hardest thing I find difficult is that there is no cure and this is permanent condition which effects my future

14. It hurts to know that the chance of having my own child will always be a fight and if it happens it will be a miracle

15. There are no advertisements about Endometriosis, yet it affects approx. 175 million women worldwide. It is only recently that this condition has been mentioned of Casualty and Embarrassing bodies even if this wasn’t 100% factual but it’s a start

16. One day I would like to feel ‘normal’ again and live a day without out some form of Endometriosis pain or symptoms effecting me

17. My illness has made me stronger and not to take life for granted

18. I am so grateful for my support network, if it wasn’t for you all I would not get through the bad times

19. My partner is the strongest person I know; he is with me through thick and thin and never gives up. He always picks me up off the floor when I need it. Nothing is too much for him and he never complains. He is positive and walks this journey with me, every step of the way

20. The hardest thing I find is the fight with health practitioners to take me serious when I need their help. It angers me that still in this day and age that I am made to feel that what I am feeling is in my head and not as bad as I make it out to be ………. My question is “Do you have endometriosis”?

21. My illness is not life threatening, however it is debilitating and has taking away the one thing every women is born able to do which is to create a life

22. There are many things that I hate about my illness, even thou it is invisible, the midline incision scar and several incision scars on my stomach area is a constant reminder of the day I was diagnosed and the impact endometriosis has on my life

23. I share my thoughts, story, journey with others not for sympathy vote but to raise awareness and knowledge of this illness. When someone is diagnosed with this illness they will not feel alone and know there are others out there who support each other. I thank all my Endosisters across the world who share their feelings, thoughts, journeys and unconditional support to each other no matter what

24. I will keep fighting, I will stay strong, I will not give up hope that one day a cause and hopefully a cure will be found

25. Knowing you have taking the time to read this makes me feel that I will never be alone