Well what a week it has been. On Monday I woke up at 4am with very sharp abdominal pain in which turned out to be my good old friend AF. My initial thought was Oh F***, I don’t think I can handle this for a week. For those who know me I suffer extreme pain, vomiting and fatigue when I have AF due to my Endo, but anyhow not much I could do but get on with it. Monday I managed to drag my way through work, doping myself up on pain killers and generally keeping my head down and getting on with work. When I got home it was straight into a hot bath and bed. Throughout the night I had several baths, pain killers and constantly refilling my hot water bottle just to get some ease and sleep. Come Tuesday morning I knew I could not manage work and spent the day in and out of the bath and bed. Sought advice from my GP who was a waste of time as he could not offer me anything to help with the pain and to wait to see the pain clinic in July. In the end at 7pm I rang NHS helpline for advice, who after an hour later told me to ring the out of hours GP. So I did, another hour later I spoke to a GP who advised me to ring 999. I should of done that in the first place and rang for ambulance it would have been quicker.


So at 10.30pm a paramedic arrived who asked me several questions and gave me gas and air which I have to say is a helpful pain relief, after he had finished with all his questions he asked me what usually happens when you have these attacks???? Firstly it is not an attack and secondly I was diagnosing myself, but as I was in too much pain I explained I am usually admitted into hospital, in which he called the ambulance crew. 30mins later an ambulance arrived and in fairness to them they were very entertaining and helpful at the same time. They both did not know much about endometriosis and admitted this in which they asked me questions about my condition. At this point the gas and air was making me feel very light headed and sickly. When I arrived at the hospital I began to be sick due to the gas and air and I have never seen a paramedic run so much as I did at this point, as he didn’t do vomit, bless him.


I was admitted into A&E and again same old questions and tests before I finally was giving some pain relief. As they were injecting me with morphine I could feel the pain easing and it was heaven. After several internals I was being admitted into hospital and was taken up to the ward until a transfer to city hospital could be arranged. I was transferred to city hospital at 11pm on Tuesday evening after a bed was finally available. Once I was booked in and settle into my bed I laid there just hoping that it wasn’t going to be bad news again. The following day I had and ultrasound, the results were not what I expected. When I got back to the ward a few minutes later Miss Malik (my consultant) arrived and explained what was going on, as she told me I just cried as I just lost all hope and at this point gave up. I was aware of the endo cyst on my left side and luckily in a way was still 5cm in size as it was in March, but here was the killer blow, there was another endo cyst 6cm in size behind my uterus which was pulling my uterus down. At this point I fell apart as my hopes of IVF and trying for my own child was fading away.


So now what ……….. Well I am waiting for an MRI scan to see exactly what is going on before I have urgent surgery to remove the cysts but hopefully this will be done through key-hole surgery so I won’t be out of action too long. So at the moment I am at home on copious amounts of painkillers and managing the pain as best as I can.


What I have learnt in all this is that even the preventative measures used to slow endo down or to reduce endo growing doesn’t work, as endo feeds of its own hormones that it produces, so now I am at a loss of what can be done. All I know is all this will be worth it if we have the chance of having our own child.